Brutal Al Shabaab IED Attacks On African Lead Peace Keepers

first published on July 7, 2016 by

Peace keepers from the African Union lead AMISOM have a number of brutal IED attacks conducted against them. The group responsible? Al Shabaab.

IED activity against peace keepers in the Horn of Africa has dramatically increased in the past few weeks. This is in part due to groups like Al Shabaab capitalizing on the African Union troop’s lack of training in anti-IED operations. As a result of the overall incompetence of the AU peace keepers, the strikes will likely continue to rise.

The operations being conducted by AMISOM are specifically meant to combat Al Shabaab inside of Somalia, and assist the government of Somalia in standing on their own two feet. It’s good to see Africa working together to defeat this organization, but they need to recognize the IED threat.

Note: The audio files of this video have been removed due to extreme levels of propaganda.
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