Iraqi Troops Have Close Call with Idiotic Suicide Bomber

first published on December 31, 2017 by

Two Iraqi Humvee’s have a close call with an idiotic ISIS suicide bomber during an ambush. After a few tense seconds of laughable chasing the Humvee, the Daesh rat fails his martyrdom-mission in spectacular fashion.

A pair of Humvee’s idle on a street in a typical Iraqi neighborhood – several civilian vehicles with doors ajar and occupants are off to the left side of the street trying to take cover. The commotion of the civilians draws the attention of the lead turret gunner who begins to scan the area. Just as he has rotated the turret, something off to his right instantly takes priority and he begins firing at a closed gate.

The driver is quick to realize there’s a threat and kicks it into reverse unflinchingly. The Door bursts open and the Daesh suicide bomber charges the vehicle wearing a visible explosive vest. He runs after the reversing vehicle with his fist comedically held in the air. At this point, it oddly sounds like the turret gunner does not engage with a crew-served weapon, but a rifle.

The cameraman (who’s the driver of the second Humvee), finally realizes he should do his job rather then get video. As a result, we lose track of the bombers last few moments. With the cameraman himself reversing the second vehicle, we finally hear the explosion amidst the gunfire. The cameraman recovers and catches a glimpse of the dusty but safe lead Humvee.

With the entire street hazy after the explosion, the lead turret gunner continues to engage something out of view. A steady stream of gunfire into the dust until unexpectedly, there’s a fiery secondary explosion right next to the Humvee. It’s hard to say if this was a second concealed suicide bomber, or possible an IED. Either way, the Daesh rats were unsuccessful and the very lucky lead vehicle survives this suicidal ambush.