Idiot ISIS Fighter Holds A Plant Over His Head To Hide From Attack Chopper

first published on May 3, 2018 by

We all knew these guys were dumb, but this idiot ISIS fighter may be the king of stupid.

This color attack chopper gun cam footage was released by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in the summer of 2016. It shows a massive convoy of ISIS fighters attempting to flee Fallujah.

The convoy is hammered with airstrikes and strafing runs, and then stragglers are picked off as they attempt to hide or escape on foot.

During the onslaught, a random militant can be seen walking around while holding some desert foliage over his head while under the impression that he is now invisible to overheard surveillance.

idiot isis fighter

So the next time someone tells you that Middle Eastern rebels don’t aim their weapons because they don’t have “proper training,” send them this video to show them that some people are just flat out stupid.

But, hey, what do you expect from someone who fanatically bases their entire life on carrying out the bidding of a metaphysical, mythical angry sky beast? Sure, they’re physically here, but mentally? Nah.


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