Idiot ISIS Camera Guy Gets Himself Shot In The Face During Poorly Planned Attack

first published on June 26, 2017 by

An idiot ISIS camera guy decides it’s a good idea to not take bother taking cover during an attack, and gets himself shot in the face.

During a poorly planned attack against a small mud hut with two farmers in it, an ISIS camera man gets himself shot in the face. It’s unclear what weapons the farmers were using when they defended themselves against this attack, but most bullets penetrate the face in the exact same way. Judging by the lack of cover and concealment the ISIS attackers had, it is a good guess that the other two morons also got themselves shot in the face by the farmers defending their property.

The brief pause in the video is an edit added by ISIS for dramatic effect as they glorify martyrdom in their Islamic army. I removed all of that from the video, because there is no glory in death for these human-like rodents.


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