IDF Grunts Hunt Hamas In Gaza

first published on November 5, 2015 by

The following video is a mash-up of IDF Special Forces and paratroopers on the hunt for the enemy. The footage was taken in July 2014 as part of Operation Protective Edge.


Operation Protective Edge, also known as the 2014 Israel–Gaza Conflict, was a seven week military campaign conducted by the Israeli Defense Force in response to constant rocket attacks by Hamas.

During the operation, over five-thousand objectives were actioned, including hits on Hamas weapons depots, training facilities, and places of residence.


The main objective of Operation Protective Edge was to hunt down and destroy the tunnel systems used by Hamas to transport arms and attack Israel. These tunnels were incredibly sophisticated, and some were miles long. They were also dug substantially deep to avoid being discovered by seismic detection assets. The cost and materials Hamas used to build these tunnels could have provided the Palestinian people with schools, mosques, hospitals, and just about all other much-needed infrastructure for the Palestinians. Instead, all they got was an ass-whooping.


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