Dog and Man Rescued From Rooftop During Hurricane Floods

first published on September 18, 2018 by

Hoist camera footage from a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter shows the rescue of a man and his dog after they became stranded on their roof.


The Coast Guard from Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina has been called into action during the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Using their rotary wing assets they have been conducting search and rescue missions throughout the Cape Fear River area in North Carolina.

During one of their missions they were called into action for the rescue of a man and his dog that were stranded on the rooftop of a Cape Fear River area home due to rising flood waters. According to the rescued man, he and his dog started off by sheltering in a van outside of the home when the flood waters started rising. As the waters continued to rise, they moved to the roof of the van, and then to the roof of the home in an attempt to stay out of the rushing waters.


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