Hundreds Of Thousands Trapped During Deadly Urban Combat In West Mosul

first published on March 14, 2017 by

It is being reported by BBC news that hundreds of thousands of civilians are trapped in western Mosul as the deadly urban combat intensifies.

In a report released by BBC news, information about the hundreds of thousands of civilians still trapped in Mosul has been released. The Iraqi Soldiers continue to fight ISIS house to house, street to street, and block by block, but they are struggling to maintain the ground they are capturing in the birthplace of the Islamic State.

Daesh fighters continue to throw suicide bombers and vehicles at the Iraqi Army every day. Advances are made, and then lost in the same time, while members of the Islamic State continue to advance back into regions they have lost to the Iraqi Military. The Iraqi Military is utilizing every tool they have at their disposal, but the fight is still moving slowly.

Meanwhile, on the ground in west Mosul, civilians are trapped in the center of the deadly fighting, giving one more obstacle for the Iraqi Army to handle as they continue to fight against the terrorist organization deeply embedded in the city. It is reported that an estimated 195,000 civilians are still trapped in the area, causing a massive humanitarian crisis in the region.

Video Credit: BBC news YouTube channel.

Note: At several points in the video the audio is bugged. It will return to normal around the 1:33 mark in the video.