Hundreds of U.S. Military Families Evacuated from Turkey

first published on March 30, 2016 by

NATO member Turkey’s security status is crumbling rapidly and the Pentagon has ordered around 700 non mission-essential military family members to be evacuated from the country.


In Turkey, ISIS members are allowed to fluidly pass through the border into and from Syria, Turkish troops are currently in direct combat as they continue their heavy-handed crackdown on Kurdish rebel groups, and suicide blasts have become a regular occurrence. Military families are at increased risk of becoming terror victims, so the decision was made to minimize the threat.

In the past several weeks, installation force-protection levels have been raised to an all-time high. Bases have been on lockdown, and schools for children of U.S. personnel had been temporarily closed. More than a hundred family members had already left the country before the evacuation order had even been given.


“We understand this is disruptive to our military families, but we must keep them safe and ensure the combat effectiveness of our forces to support our strong ally Turkey in the fight against terrorism,” EUCOM chief Gen. Philip Breedlove said Tuesday in a statement as reported by Stars and Stripes.

Erdogan’s Turkish government seems to have dug their own grave by going after Kurdish minorities, while doing little to hamper Islamist extremist groups such as the Islamic State, al Nusra Front, and Jaish al Islam. They have brutally cracked down on media organizations, throwing journalists in prison and seizing control of newspapers and news agencies. In the last year and a half, Turkish prosecutors have opened cases against almost 2,000 people for insulting President Erdogan. Those being sued include cartoonists, academics, and schoolchildren. Erdogan has even been accused of holding Europe for ransom, using the refugee crisis as an opportunity to line his own pockets.


The U.S. has been silent on Turkey’s plethora of questionable actions, as the strategic positioning of the airbases we use to strike Middle Eastern targets and posture against Russia apparently outweighs any human rights concerns. Germany on the other hand, finding themselves in a national death sentence of cultural enrichment from the infestation of refugees, isn’t holding their tongue. The following video is from German television and hilariously parodies Erdogan on serious truths:


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