How To Avoid Israeli Brutality – A Quick Guide

first published on November 10, 2015 by

Mainstream media is once again attempting to discredit Israel. Here’s a guide to avoid becoming a victim of Israeli brutality.

It’s a little distressing waking up every day, and seeing mainstream media attack the Israeli Defense Force. Once again we are seeing an anti-Israel stance on everything Israel from the MSM. I suppose it’s just standard operating procedure to make “Israelis kill 4 Palestinians as violence surges” a headline, and have the first nine words read “Three Palestinians were shot dead trying to stab Israelis.”

Decisions are made, while innocent lives are in danger. These decisions, all though not always the best course of action, are the right decisions at the time. This “Cop Block” mentality being taken by American MSM needs to end. Some Palestinians are choosing to play with the bull, and the IDF is indeed letting those Palestinians have the horns, in spite of what will be said about them.

Israel Brutality

On a completely related note, here is a video of the Israeli Mista’arvim, conducting yet another detention. This special forces unit is currently the front-line against Palestinian instigators. Their mission is simple: Hide within the Palestinian populace, and detain serious instigators, who are causing the escalation of violence. Keep up the good work, boys.


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