How Much Abuse Can Bulletproof Glass Actually Take

first published on May 5, 2016 by

Bulletproof glass has been the saving grace in many engagements. Have you ever wondered what it could actually stand up to when put to the test?

I’m sure everyone that is taking the time to read this has spent their fair share of time in the box. You know exactly what box I’m talking about. It was the box that had the machine gun protruding through a slat, surrounded by bulletproof glass, overlooking all of the dangerous areas near your home.

I never personally had that glass get dinged while I was in the box, but I know that it was always something I thought about. How much abuse could that glass actually take before the rounds would penetrate?

Taofledermaus, a Full30 and YouTube Content Creator, did a series of tests on a pane of bulletproof glass, just to answer the question. How much abuse can ballistic glass take before it is no longer effective?

Note From The Creators: The strange “laser” sound that follows each shot on the live film is the report of the shot echoing off a huge corrugated metal wall holding back a pond near us.


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