How A Stray Dog Became A War Hero

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 Sergeant Stubby: A true dog of war.

Stubby Dog

Stubby is quite possibly the most accomplished military working dog of World War 1. His story begins on the grounds of Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where members of the 102nd Infantry were training. He took a liking to the men while they drilled, and was soon adopted by Corporal Robert Conroy. When the men were loaded onto ships to begin their journey to the Western Front, Conroy decided to sneak Stubby aboard with them.


Conroy successfully hid Stubby all the way to France. It wasn’t until already in camp that the dog was discovered by Conroy’s commanding officer. Like any amazingly loyal war fighting dog, Stubby would not allow himself to be removed from service. When he saw the shiny collar of the officer in charge, he promptly rendered a proper salute. Impressed by this, the CO had absolutely no choice but to allow the hard charging dog to stay in the troop. The CO later found out that he had made the right decision.

Stubby went on to successfully serve 18 months in the trenches with the 102nd Infantry Division. He served in four major offensives, and a total of 17 battles. His tasks inside of the 102nd included the following.

Stubby Gas Dog

Stubby was instrumental to combat operations for his unit along the Western Front. Within the first year of operating with his unit he was injured by Mustard Gas. After recovery he returned to the fight with a special fit gas mask, and a nose for the stuff that almost did him in. Shortly following this injury Stubby was allegedly meritoriously promoted to the rank of Sergeant for capturing a German spy in Argonne single…. pawedly.

Towards the end of his service on the Western Front Sergeant Stubby received a shrapnel injury to his leg and torso. He finished his service up during WW1 in a field hospital doing his favorite job, making soldiers happy. When the war ended he was smuggled home by his best friend Robert Conroy where he lived out the rest of his life as a well-known hero, and celebrity.


You can read more about Stubby here.


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