Footage: Houthis Claim To Have Killed 500 Saudi Troops, Captured 2000

first published on October 2, 2019 by

Houthi rebels claim to have killed 500 Saudi troops, captured at least 2,000 more, and captured and destroyed millions of dollars worth of military vehicles, equipment and weaponry.

saudi troops

The Houthis released a video which they say proves their lofty claim to have eliminated three brigades worth of troops and equipment. The video shows an ambush against a Saudi armored convoy and the aftermath, highlighting several destroyed and captured vehicles. An unconfirmed source of ours claims that the Houthis captured several anti tank guided missiles (ATGM) which are already being used against the Saudi coalition.

However, the Saudi-led coalition said the Houthi claims are bogus and a report on BBC suggests the video doesn’t necessarily back the rebel groups claims either. Yet, the number of destroyed vehicles suggest that a significant, costly attack did take place, and the reported battle damage assessment by the Houthis may be heavily inflated.

The Houthis could prove there assertions with another video of the 2,000 plus captured coalition troops. It’s uncertain what the Houthis would do with thousands of detainees. They likely couldn’t feed or house them for any period of time. Even with Iranian backing, the Yemen rebels operate with scant resources and no centralized infrastructure.


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