Iran-backed Houthis Strike Saudi Pipeline With Sophisticated Drones

first published on May 15, 2019 by

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels have claimed responsibly for two drone strikes on an important oil pipeline deep into Saudi Arabia.


The incidents caused Saudi to temporarily cease pumping and will likely raise the price of oil. The attack occurred just one day after two Saudi oil tankers became the target of sabotage in the Gulf of Oman. Though, no one has claimed responsibility for the tanker attacks yet.

An analysis of the drones used in the attack suggest they are of a much higher sophistication level than the primitive rebels should be capable of. The drones flew approximately 500 miles into Saudi Arabia, which means it would have been guided via satellite data link.

In order to develop a drone like this and carry out the strikes, the Houthis would need a team of highly trained aeronautics engineers, software experts, satellite communication professionals, weapons specialists, and pilots.

They have to be getting this technology and training from somewhere, and given their use of Iranian Qasef-1 drone clones in the past, it doesn’t take a genius to pin the tail on Iran.