Houthis Destroy 3 Mine Resistant Armored Personnel Carriers In Ambush

first published on February 20, 2018 by

The Houthis have released a video showing the destruction of three UAE MRAPs at the hands of the Shia insurgents in Yemen.

The video is highly edited and the “combat” portion of the video may be an ‘after the fact’ dramatization for video propaganda purposes. Also, the vehicles may have even been restaged and relocated from their original kill zones for similar reasons. However, the point of the footage remains the same: Three United Arab Emerites (UAE) mine resistant armored personnel carriers have been destroyed in Yemen by Houthi rebels.

What we can confirm from the video is that the Houthis disabled three vehicles, including one military ambulance. They pilfered what gear and supplies they could from the burning or disabled vehicles, and then set them further ablaze to ruin them beyond salvageability by their foe.

Recent news reports from the area indicate that on Sunday, 18 February 2017, Houthi forces carried out at least one attack in the Mouza district of Yemen’s southern province of Ta’izz. According to various Iranian and pro Houthi publications, 12 Emirati troops were killed in the attack, as well as another ten or so Saudi proxy militia troops. The reports also indicate that four vehicles were destroyed in the attack.

It’s unclear if the following footage is from that part of that event, but it is probable. UAE troops operate in Yemen in support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) military and carry out operations against both al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP) and the Shia Houthi rebels shown in the video.


Based on the aftermath footage, the Emirati military doesn’t appear to be any more proficient in their roles than the Saudis… They’re highly equipped and well armed, but can’t soldier even at a most basic level, which seems to be the norm for standing Arab and Middle Eastern militaries.


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