Houthi’s Brazenly Ambush Coalition Convoy’s at Point Blank

first published on June 19, 2017 by

Houthi rebels brazenly ambush Saudi-coalition convoy’s in Yemen, taking position just meters from the road and firing point blank into the passing vehicles. The aggressive tactic pays off in several instances as they practically hang out on the roadside, popping shots and easily knocking out several costly armored vehicles.

Normally, if you saw a couple guys strolling through a sandy landscape in sandals and with towel wrapped around their waste, you’d assume they were on their way to the beach. But in the deceptively sunbaked barrenness of the middle east, this is an often-deadly assumption. These guys aren’t beach-goer’s lazily enjoying the sunshine, they’re Houthi rebels on their way to violently harass coalition convoys on an MSR in Yemen.

Several rebels slowly meander through some rocky sand dunes and set into ambush positions just a few meters from a roadside. Almost immediately, Saudi-led coalition vehicles begin to enter this freshly established gauntlet and the Houthi’s open fire at minimal distance.

Many of the passing trucks are unarmored and laden with unprotected troops. They are forced to simply accelerate through the kill-zone and hope for the best. Curiously during the video, an Apache loiters in the distance but never appears to be contacted and brought into support the road traffic. Possible tied up supporting other coalition units, the gunship could have easily chased off or destroyed the Houthi ambushers in the open terrain.

Similarly confusing, several armored vehicles with turret-mounted weapons largely hold their fire as they pass through the kill-zone and miss several opportunities to blast the rebels with heavy weapons.

The video continues with the Houthi’s persistently engaging the coalition along the stretches of roadway. Killing a motorcyclist, setting a trucks gas tank on fire with tracers, and generally causing hell for anyone unlucky enough to get stopped in the ambuscade. Following this pattern, the Houthi’s chase off any survivors and rack up several destroyed vehicles along the MSR – the video concluding with the wrecked hulls of the costly trucks left to bake in the scorching Yemeni sun.


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