Houthi Rebels Storm Hilltop Outpost in Yemen

first published on March 26, 2019 by

Houthi rebels attack a Saudi-coalition hilltop outpost in Yemen and quickly drive the defenders from the position. The coalition troops hurriedly withdraw under the pressure from the rebels, with several soldiers experiencing extremely close calls while Houthi rounds impact all around them.

Houthi rebels quickly advance on a hilltop outpost precariously set somewhere in Yemen. Occupied by Saudi soldiers or possible their coalition allies, they have a lackluster defensive posture which the rebels use this to their advantage. The defending troops begin to quickly withdraw while the Houthi’s begin to consolidate. One rebel even picks up a discarded machine gun and quickly turns it on the retreating troops. Having abandoned the outpost so quickly, the Saudi’s leave behind a number of assorted small arms and other military equipment.


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