Houthi Rebels Shoot Down American MQ-1C Gray Eagle Drone

first published on May 15, 2019 by

Unconfirmed reports are coming out of Yemen that an American or Emirati MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone or RQ-1E Predator drone near Sana’a this morning.

gray eagle

Night time video shows Houthi rebels standing amongst the wreckage examining it and claiming it is an American drone. Again, it is unconfirmed if it is an American, UAE, or Saudi drone, though it is likely American-made.

This is now the second drone the Houthis have shot down in less than a month. Three weeks ago, they brought down a coalition UAV with a surface-to-air missile (SAM).

The source of the Houthi’s SAMs are not confirmed. It’s possible they pilfered them from old government stockpiles. The more likely answer is that they are receiving them directly from Iran.


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