Houthi Rebel’s Destroy Saudi Outpost After Violent Raid

first published on March 26, 2018 by

Houthi rebels in Yemen destroy a Saudi held outpost after a brief, but violent raid in this multi-view video. The Saudi defenders pay for their poor security posture being killed, captured, or driven from the position by just a handful of snackbar cheering rebels. They set the outpost and its equipment ablaze and melt back into the vast desert expanse of rural Yemen as Saudi airpower arrives too late on the scene.

A small Saudi outpost with a central Hesco bunker, an idle LAV, and surrounded by a low trash-ridden berm, swelter’s in the Yemenis heat. A few soldiers can be seen lazily moving about, peering into the lightly covered terrain and completely unaware of the approaching rebels.

Finding a gap or visually obscured route in the Saudi defense, the rebels confidently cross the open ground and begin maneuvering on the outpost. Less than a hundred meters from the berm they begin to spread out, approaching cautiously and taking up positions.

Now spread out along the berm, they initiate the assault with hand grenades wisely directed at the LAV’s position. Immediately overwhelming the armored vehicle and eliminating any threat from its menacing 25mm cannon, they press the attack with small arms and point-blank RPG fire.

The surviving Saudi’s appear in total disarray – they don’t even appear to get off a single round in their own defense. Some are killed outright while several more are watched as they flee weaponless from the outpost. At least one is captured by the Houthi’s, though his final fate is unclear. The Houthi’s finish the lightning raid by setting off a number of explosives in the outpost and burning its vehicles before quickly heading back into the desert.

Saudi aircraft finally arrive on station, but it’s too late. The outpost has been destroyed, its equipment pillaged, and its survivors scattered in the countryside. This scenario has sadly become routine for Saudi troops fighting the Houthi’s in Yemen – you would think by now, they’d have defense 101 perfected.


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