Houthi Rebels Thwart Small-Scale Saudi-Coalition Operation

first published on March 7, 2019 by

Houthi rebels thwart a small-scale Saudi-coalition operation purportedly in the border region between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Houthi Rebels quickly react to a small coalition element, likely a probe or reconnaissance patrol, quickly driving them back after a short but violent firefight. The rocky terrain provides perfectly suited defensive positions for the Houthis and forces both sides into close combat. This brings the combatants to only about a hundred or so meters at times and the cameraman clearly captures the coalition fighters firing at the Houthis. After a quick exchange over a particular outcropping, the coalition troops begin to retreat and the rebel’s retake and consolidate at the position. They fire on the retreating troops who are forced to flee on foot due to the loss of their vehicles.


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