Houthi Rebel’s Sneak up on Saudi Outpost, Capturing it After a Volley of Grenades

first published on February 16, 2017 by

Houthi rebels sneak up on a Saudi outpost in broad daylight, storming the position after a volley of grenades stuns the defenders. Using the brutal mid-day heat as clever concealment, they kill at least one Saudi soldier and pillage multiple discarded weapons and optics.

Allegedly taking place in Najran region near or in Saudi Arabia, the video is filmed from an apparent support by fire position overlooking the scene. A small team of Houthi rebel’s maneuver through advantageously rocky and brush covered terrain towards a small Saudi position. The outpost consisting of several bunkers atop a rocky escarpment is covered largely in camo-nets, a Ma deuce .50 Cal is clearly mounted to a vehicle but unattended.

The cameraman zooms in through the sweltering Arabian heat, catching glimpses of unsuspecting Saudi sentry’s. The mid-day heat likely triggering the noticeable lackadaisical atmosphere among the isolated troops. Undeterred by this oppressive heat, a Houthi three-man assault team conceals themselves in a wadi and moves into the rocks just below the OP.

Now in position and achieving complete surprise, two rebels kick off the assault by throwing grenades at a vulnerable bunker occupied by several soldiers. Luckily for the Saudi’s inside, the Houthi’s both miss their mark and the hand grenades skip off the rocks, alerting the defenders as they roll harmlessly away. One even appears to roll back towards the rebel instigators, but the cameraman conveniently “mishandles” his camera obscuring a few tense moments. Now steadied, the support by fire position and the assaulting Houthi’s effectively suppress the Saudi’s with small arms.

With no apparent signs of life emanating from the OP, the assault element begins to move in closer. Cautiously throwing grenades at any likely occupied position, the trio advance to the top of the ridge and trade fire and more grenades with the retreating troops. Completely driving off the Saudi’s, the Houthi’s successfully capture the position. They conduct a quick propaganda footage once over – revealing at least one dead Saudi soldier, several trucks, and a handful of small arms and night vision goggles the Houthi’s can now ad to their arsenal.


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