Houthi Rebels Get Their Hands on a Large Caliber Gatling Gun

first published on July 19, 2018 by

Houthi Rebels in Yemen acquire a large caliber rotary cannon better known as a Gatling gun – mounting it on a truck and turning it against Saudi-led coalition troops. However, this may be a case of more bark than bite, as the heavy weapon is mounted on a light truck and becomes wildly inaccurate except on single shot; defeating the purpose of a multi-barreled weapon system.

A large caliber rotary cannon, likely a 20mm or possible 25mm, has appeared in a recent Houthi rebel propaganda video during an engagement in the steep Yemeni mountains. The rebels have mounted the typically uncommon weapon system on a lightweight pick-up truck in the familiar “technical” style. But this unsophisticated configuration forces them to fire the recoil intensive gun on single shot, defeating the entire purpose of a multi-barreled cannon and its ability to saturate a target with rounds.

The origin of this particular weapon is currently unknown, and the original Houthi release makes no claims as to where it was acquired. Possible taken off a downed aircraft or anti-aircraft/missile system, it was very likely procured from the Saudi-led coalition forces before being turned against them. Luckily for the coalition forces facing this menacing cannon, the Houthi’s can do little more than bolt it on to the back of an unstable truck.


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