Houthi Rebels Bite Off More Than They Can Chew in Close Combat

first published on February 18, 2019 by

A pair of Houthi Rebels bite off more than they can chew, attempting to overrun a coalition defensive position in close combat. In desperation they throw rocks to simulate grenades and trick the defenders, but it doesn’t end well for the rebels.

A Houthi propaganda video has been released depicting two rebels attempting to overrun a rocky outpost from a half-dozen so-called Saudi mercenaries – which is their slang for Saudi-led coalition troops – somewhere purportedly in Yemen. The coalition troops have been initially pushed back from their defensive line and are regrouping on the far side of the hill with the support of a heavy machine gun in the distance. At first, the pair of Houthis seize the initiative and determinedly assault up to the first redoubt.

After aggressively advancing and engaging the coalition troops at just a few meters, they begin to drive the stunned defenders back. One of the rebels picks up a rock and throws it at a retreating Saudi. However, the kill radius on a rock isn’t quite the same as a fragmentation grenade and the move does little more then confuse the defenders. More critically, they completely miss a coalition soldier on their now completely exposed flank.

He quickly engages one of the Houthis, whose body recoils and instantly drops lifelessly to the ground. The second rebel again uses the rock grenade trick to buy himself a few moments and attempts to make a run for it. But he appears to have lost his rifle at some point and oddly runs back into the fray, reclaiming his dead comrades AK. He fights back for a few more moments and suppresses the fighter on the flank. After a real grenade detonates right next to him, he finally decides to flee but ends up crossing right over the hidden coalition soldier. In the dust it is hard to determine what exactly happens, but since the video immediately concludes it’s likely he’s killed while fleeing.


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