Houthi Rebels Blast Outpost Before Overrunning It

first published on August 15, 2017 by

Another poorly defended Saudi coalition outpost gets brutally overrun by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Initially slamming the redoubt with a multiple RPG’s at a minimal distance, the brazen rebels easily kill or route the few defenders from the sunbaked Outpost.

Houthi rebels easily detect an inadequately defended Saudi outpost, immediately capitalizing on this fatal flaw and violently overrunning it in broad daylight. The small Saudi outpost appears essentially a trash pile, with an idle and unseen Bradley to the rear. The rebels hammer the position with rocket after rocket before making their way onto its flanks. The Houthi’s then begin firing down on the Saudi position and possible chase off any remaining soldiers. The bloody scene shows several dead Saudi troops, spent brass, and scattered weapons in the redoubt. The video concludes with the rebels clearing the rest of the seemingly deserted outpost.


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