Houthi Rebels set Saudi Truck on Fire with Single Shot

first published on June 25, 2017 by

A Houthi rebel scores a single hit on a Saudi truck and ignites the gas tank – Thought stuff like this only happened in bad action movies?

We’ve all been there – Our eyes rolling, as some TV or Movie star manages to save himself (and the steaming hot heroine) from certain death. All by landing that perfect single shot to their assailant’s gas tank. The vehicle explodes in a massive fireball, roasting the antagonists alive and leaving the audience dazzled at the well-coordinated and highly controlled Hollywood pyrotechnics. Seldom are such things the reality.

Houthi Rebels

Now obviously we’ve all seen vehicles get set on fire by small arms in the past; typically, from burning hot tracers or incendiary rounds. The combination of metal, friction, flammable fuel, and dozens of rounds makes this scenario plausible, if not likely in some situations. But it’s rarely achieved from a single shot at a substantial distance. Particularly by someone who’s probably illiterate and wearing sandals.

The truck doesn’t explode in Hollywood fashion because this is the real world. It comes to a controlled stop and the occupants appear unscathed. However, they do lose a vehicle to one lucky round; not quite a fair trade.

TV and movies seldom portray anything military or conflict related accurately. But I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day and occasionally, you can destroy a vehicle with a single shot.