Houthi Rebels Ambush Coalition Vehicles on Precarious Mountain Road

first published on August 10, 2018 by

Houthi rebels have released another crazy video of an attack on purported Saudi-coalition forces in Yemen on a precarious mountain road. Though blowing several opportunities at exposed targets, the rebels drive the coalition troops from a precarious mountain road in the contested area.

The situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate with war, starvation, and cholera ravaging the entire nation. The conflict has developed into a proxy contest between regional powers; with the Iranians arming the Shia Houthis, and the Saudis leading a Sunni coalition. The Saudis have the unfavorable task of occupying the rugged and mountainous regions to the northwest of the country. The terrain largely favors the defenders who are armed with advanced Iranian weapons. With these weapons, this terrain, and the longstanding rivalries between the Saudis and the Iranians unlikely to subside anytime soon, Yemen is likely to remain one of the most dangerous nations on Earth.

Several unarmored coalition pickup trucks navigate a narrow mountain track in a seemingly remote area with Houthi rebels concealed in elevated position above the road. Quickly engaging the vulnerable vehicles with small arms, the Saudi trucks become easy pickings for the Houthi’s.


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