Houthi Rebels Continue to Harass & Disrupt Saudi-Coalition Supply Lines

first published on July 24, 2018 by

The Houthi rebels continue to harass and disrupt unprotected Saudi-coalition supply lines, bogging down their multiple offensives and leaving countless burned out vehicles on sunbaked Yemeni roadsides.

The Saudi-led coalition – supporting the Yemeni government’s forces – are currently on the offensive against the Iranian backed Houthi rebels near the crucial port city of Hodeidah, and in the northwestern province of Hajjah on the border with Saudi Arabia. Running concurrently with a government offensive in the mountains near the capital city Sana’a, on paper, it would appear that the rebels are steadily losing ground on all fronts and the inevitability of defeat is a matter of when, not how.

However, the Houthi’s were longtime recipients of Iranian weapons and in the past have been able to maintain defensive lines against prior coalition offensives. The rebels often conduct disruptive guerilla attacks against supply lines, or distractive high-profile raids into neighboring Saudi Arabia. They even fire cruise and ballistic missiles into UAE and Saudi quite frequently.

The video below purportedly details one of these recent attacks on or near a vulnerable coalition logistical route. Targeting either the supply convoy’s themselves, or more likely in this case, a meager rear-guard element assigned to protect the routes. The rebels set in and begin harassment attacks on any passing coalition vehicles. Though the Saudi’s and their coalition partners have a distinct advantage in military equipment and airpower, but this hinderance to their supply-lines and the resulting lack of momentum will likely add weeks of brutal fighting to the current offensives.


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