Houthi Armored Car Destroyed in Yemen

first published on May 17, 2017 by

A Houthi armored car is set on fire by heavy weapons tracers during urban fighting in Yemen. Accurate gunnery divides the enemy, and quickly destroys their heavy equipment.

Houthi Armored Car

The video begins with at least 2 Houthi occupants fleeing an armored vehicle as it takes several large caliber hits. The two squirters head in the direction of the camera, while a technical with heavy machine gun and several fighters remain on the opposite side of the street. The video appears to be cell phone footage from a civilian family residing in the neighborhood.

The Houthi’s watch helplessly as the vehicle is repeatedly hit with accurate fire and dare not cross the danger area to regroup. A lone fighter tries to return fire, but a tracer round briefly ignites the interior of the armored car, and he wisely backs off. Additionally, their remaining heavy weapon mounted on a pick-up appears to have a malfunction, and the gunner can be seen attempting remedial action. They’re smart enough not to risk the second vehicle, and it remains behind cover.

The unseen gunner keeps plinking the armored vehicle until a final tracer round ignites the gas tank, and it immediately bursts into flames. The video concludes with the vehicle engulfed in flames, spewing ignited gas into the intersection.

An armored vehicle combined with a heavy weapon is a valuable asset in an urban environment. They are also incredibly vulnerable without proper dismounted support. Confined to the streets, they are easy pickings for an RPG or heavy weapons gunner. Entering this danger area without a proper recon by its dismounts, results in the extra-crispy destruction of this light-armored vehicle.


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