Houthi Rebels Ambush and Decimate a Coalition Patrol

first published on June 23, 2018 by

Houthi rebels ambush and decimate a coalition patrol – blasting the unarmored vehicles and forcing the survivors to make a hellacious and exhausting run through the endless sand dunes. If the rebel shooting skills weren’t so abhorrent, this would have been a lot bloodier.

Houthi rebels take up ambush positions in some rocky mountains on the edge of a Yemeni sand sea, wearily eyeing several coalition vehicles and dismounts as they approach. The rebels quickly knock out these unarmored pick-ups with ATGM’s and scatter the infantry, who manage to ascend an isolated hill across from the Houthi positions. The Houthi’s spray the hillside with machine gun fire and drive off the dismounts.

Now in full retreat, the coalition troops seek cover wherever they can while some attempt to rejoin with a newly arrived extraction vehicle. Numerous others decide to take their chances on an all-out run through the thigh-burning sand dunes and they dash through intense, but laughably inaccurate Houthi fire. The rebels successfully target the extraction truck just as a group of soldiers are huddled around it, killing and wounding many. The survivors are now left with the unenviable choice of either running and possible being shot in the back or hunkering down and waiting to be taken prisoner.