Houthi Rebels Continue to Hit Isolated Saudi Outpost’s in Yemen

first published on April 13, 2018 by

Houthi rebels continue to aggressively attack isolated Saudi outpost’s in the Yemeni countryside. This time however, the Saudi troops fight back against their attackers and take advantage of their superior firepower.

A barely passable road littered with several previously destroyed hulks including a Bradley fighting vehicle, lead to a small Saudi position sitting atop a steep hill. A work crew with a bulldozer are attempting to clear the near vertical and unimproved track, offering a tempting and vulnerable target for an ambush to the Houthi rebels hiding nearby.

The Houthi’s scale the steep and rocky terrain, arriving just a few meters below the defensive position. Within grenade range of the Saudi’s, the Houthi’s initiate the attack and surprise the defender’s causing a violent back and forth over the hilltop. Unlike some similar video’s we’ve seen in the past, these Saudi troops actually have some military discipline and initially resist the brutal onslaught.

After several dramatic exchanges are captured in full view of the camera, the Houthi’s appear to gain the upper hand. The Saudi’s begin withdrawing off the hill under intense Houthi fire. However, as the Houthi’s begin to occupy the hilltop, a Saudi AH-64 Apache arrives on station and begins to orbit the battlespace. The Houthi’s also find themselves being engaged by a large and accurate weapon system – possible the 25mm main gun of another Saudi Bradley. The video wisely concludes with Saudi artillery beginning to impact around the captured outpost.