Attacking a Hilltop Outpost – It’s Faster on the Way Down…

first published on June 7, 2017 by

A foolish daytime assault on a hilltop outpost turns Jihadist’s into ragdolls, tumbling down the hillside. Predictably, it’s faster on the way down…

A gaggle of Jihadist’s tries a risky assault up an exhaustingly steep hill – Attempting to overrun a well defended outpost. A group of fighters already has a tenuous foot-hold in some ruins at the top, trying to suppress the outpost. Additional fighters slowly snake their way up the several hundred-foot ascension below them. Since this is all occurring in broad daylight, the outpost easily identifies the position and keeps up their suppression on the beleaguered attackers; advancing becomes impossible.

hilltop outpost

The video, which cuts between a distant overview angle and a GoPro on one of the attackers, begins to show several Jihadist’s being picked off and tumbling down the mountain. The outpost either directs, or itself fires mortar rounds and one of these impacts amidst a large group of climbing attackers. With a few more dead falling down the hill and several wounded requiring aid, the climbers break and begin to rapidly retreat down the hill. Within a few moments, the remnants at the top of the hill realize they’ve been left behind and make a break for it.

At this point it also appears as if a new position engages the fleeing Jihadist’s. Possible from another ridgeline or hilltop, an increasing number of small arms rounds begin impacting in their rear flank, causing more confusion as they now desperately descend. The slowest few take the brunt of this fire, and are forced to slowly inch their way down the hillside. The video ends with several of them still pinned down and possible wounded.

If you’re going to attack a defended hilltop position and expect to capture it, this is not how to go about accomplishing that goal. They have no supporting direct, or indirect fires to speak of. They’re attempting a near vertical and grueling climb; up an exposed and potentially out flanked hillside. Finally, all of this is occurring in broad daylight for the whole region to see. The complete lack of planning ends badly for this group of Jihadist’s and after that climb, a few of these guys certainly die tired.


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