Awesome High-Def Video Montage of Fighting in Eastern Ukraine

first published on May 4, 2018 by

High-Def video montage of volunteers fighting in eastern Ukraine. Members of the “Azov” Battalion pick-off and blast enemy Russian separatists along the contested front in 2015.

Members of the Azov Battalion – an all-volunteer militia that excepts foreigners in its ranks – released a HD video montage from the conflict in eastern Ukraine circa 2015. The older, but quality footage intensely and vividly details multiple attacks against the Russian separatists along a static front.

Highlighting their skills with crew-served weapons, clip after clip shows the effective use of recoilless-rifles, mortars, and heavy-machine guns.

The Azov’s single out, isolate, and then methodically blast the opposing enemy positions.

Utilizing drones, the Ukrainian’s target enemy heavy weapons and positions behind the front.

Though now supported by the Ukrainian government and comprised mainly of native Ukrainians, the Azov Bn sits in rather murky international waters. Regularly accused of being ultra-right-winger’s, neo-Nazi’s and fascists by the Russian media, the western media has made similar allegations. Fiercely denied by the Azov’s themselves, the unit continues to fight for Ukraine in the east.


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