Well-Hidden IED Obliterates Armored Truck

first published on July 30, 2016 by

At least five soldiers were reportedly killed in an IED attack by the PKK in Turkey’s eastern province of Hakkari on July 10th, 2016.

The explosive device was obviously very well-emplaced and concealed. The truck’s crew knew the draw was a likely spot for a roadside bomb and sent a dismount out to inspect. The soldier approached the area, looking for wires and fresh ground disturbance, and after what he felt was a thorough inspection, he called the truck forward to continue mission. When the truck centered itself in the kill zone, the triggerman detonated the IED, resulting in a catastrophic vehicle kill.

One of the reasons we patrolled so much in Iraq and Afghanistan was to prevent devices from being this well-emplaced. We called it IED interdiction. The theory is that if you are regularly patrolling an area, the insurgents are more likely to rush the job which will hopefully result in less effective or more easily identifiable placement. However, in remote regions such as this and with troops spread thin across a large area, IED interdiction isn’t really an option.