Hi-Point Pistol Ran Through Extreme Mud Test That Defeats More Expensive Guns

first published on May 15, 2017 by

Firearms Content Creators from InRangeTV run a Hi-Point pistol through an extreme mud test that has defeated more expensive guns.

The brand Hi-Point is somewhat the laughing stock of the firearms industry. They are not known for their ergonomics, reliability, accuracy, or cool guy carry points, but they are instead known for being incredibly heavy, and cheaply made. That’s why when a Hi-Point brand pistol was finally put through an extreme mud test by the guys at InRangeTV, I had to give it a watch. When you find them on sale at a place like Slickguns or Reddit, you can get them at a pretty damn low price point

Expecting the firearm to completely fail right out of the gate, I was surprised when it actually started firing without any obvious issues. Eventually the firearm does fail, but the fact that simply running water over the cheap little pistol got it running again is surprising.

The Hi-Point is definitely not the greatest pistol brand on the market. It’s actually amazing to see how well this thing performed considering that it comes from an industry where you usually get what you pay for.

Note: This test is to be taken with a grain of salt. It is only an example of what happened in this particular instance, and may not be a direct reflection of all pistols from this company. Also, this test was not conducted to be a realistic test of normal operating conditions for the weapon system, but as a test of the most extreme conditions possible.


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