British Challenger 2 Uses HESH Round Against Iraqi APC In 2003

first published on August 2, 2017 by

Members of the British military in a Challenger 2 use a HESH round to destroy an Iraqi APC in 2003 during a night attack.

Somewhere in the desert of Iraq, a British Challenger 2 is stalking an Iraqi APC. Once the tank acquires the target, and confirms that it is an enemy APC, they fire HESH rounds into it followed by sustained machine gun fire in the event the crew tries to evacuate.

A HESH round, or High-explosive squash head munition, is a thin metal shell filled with plastic explosives and a delayed-action base fuze. Once the round impacts with its target, the head of the round squashes against the target creating an explosive disc. Then the delayed fuse explodes pushing the disk inside of the crew compartment effectively turning everything and everyone inside into a puddle.


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