Hero Policeman Guns Down Suicide Bomber In Turkish Airport

first published on June 29, 2016 by

The following unconfirmed video reportedly shows a Turkish policeman gunning down an explosive-laden suicide bomber during yesterday’s Istanbul airport attack. The ISIS attacker was on his way to a more populated area of the airport to inflict a maximum amount of casualties against innocent civilians when the officer engaged and significantly wounded the deranged attacker. It was reported the the policeman died in the blast. However, it’s apparent that by giving his life to stop the terrorist, he undoubtedly saved the lives of many others.

The attack on Istanbul’s Atatürk International Airport on Tuesday evening is being blamed on the Islamic State. At least three men, armed with guns and suicide vests, stormed the entrance near the baggage claim. It is being reported that 41 people were killed and were 239 wounded at the airport, which is the third busiest in all of Europe.


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