Helmet Cam: Why You Shouldn’t Shoot At Marines

first published on December 13, 2015 by

This helmet cam footage shows you exactly why it’s always a bad idea to shoot at a US Marine.

A squad of Marines takes contact somewhere in Afghanistan. This individual Marine responds in a rather angry fashion, firing an AT-4, and then switching back over to a MK32 semi-automatic grenade launcher. These Taliban fighters immediately regretted their decisions to bring contact to these Marines.

I’m going to throw this out here right now, for those not in the know. In combat, the enemy is not always visible, because war is not Saving Private Ryan. This fact especially rings true in the realm of combat footage, simply because cameras have an even more difficult time tracking targets at range.

Why you cant see them

With that said, I would like to point out something people may not be tracking. This Marine is not just firing at whatever he feels like. In order for him to be firing high explosive (HE) rounds, the unit has to have established what is known as positive identification, or PID, on a legitimate threat.

PID is a reasonable certainty that the proposed target is a legitimate military target. It’s also transferable, which means that if I am at the back of a patrol that takes contact, and I am the only one to see the shooter, I have established PID on the target. I can then throw an 8 to 12 round burst into the target area, and the tracer fire on target will give PID to the rest of my squad.

That in turn allows them to begin suppressing the legitimate military target, in order for other elements to maneuver and destroy it. This is why you will often see entire pieces of combat footage, where you do not see the enemy.


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