Helmet Cam: Volunteers Fire Multiple ATGMs At Separatists

first published on June 17, 2016 by

Members of the 1st Separate Assault Company, an all volunteer force, fire multiple ATGMs at a Separatist troop position near Avdiivka’s Industrial Zone.

As the fighting in Ukraine once again begins to pick up, the media blackout of the region is starting get harder to maintain. Today footage of an all volunteer Ukrainian force was found. The video shows them firing multiple ATGMs and machine guns at a Separatist troop position near the Avdiivkva Industrial Zone.

The only real question I have about this video, is why the use of so many ATGMs at a non-armored target? I could see the justification if the rounds were being used to sympathetically detonate more explosive in the area, but it appears as if they are just firing the missiles for the sake of firing missiles.

I’d love to hear your opinions, so fire away in the comments below the video or back on Facebook. Maybe one of you can spot something that I don’t see in the video.


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