Turkish Military Helicopter Fires On Police Station In Ankara

first published on July 17, 2016 by

Two angles of video taken on the ground as a Turkish military helicopter opens fire on a police station in Ankara, Turkey.

Amateur footage taken in Ankara, Turkey shows a helicopter opening fire. Early reports coming out of the country stated that this was an attack against a Turkish police station. These videos have been digitally enhanced and show two views of the same strike against one of the Ankara police stations.

It has been reported that in this attack, 17 police officers were killed. However, images of the scene floating around twitter tell a slightly different story, and state that a number of civilians were killed in the attack as well.

There is a lot of misreporting, and confusion surrounding the coup attempt in Turkey. We will do our best to continue to sort through some of the footage to bring you an accurate picture of the scene as it played out.


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