Iraqi Federal Police Use New Heavy Machine Gun Platform In Fight Against ISIS

first published on April 4, 2017 by

Members of the Iraqi Federal Police improvise a heavy machine gun platform somewhere in Mosul during their fight against ISIS.

Warfare is about adaptability, and improvisation. They say that the only stupid idea is the one that doesn’t work. Members of the Iraqi Federal Police prove this to be true as they haul around a heavy machine gun mounted to what appears to be some sort of push-cart. Despite the weapon systems look, it seems to be functioning quite well.

Not only does this improvised firing platform allow the IFP to maneuver the heavy weapon system quickly and efficiently, it looks as if they are using it to strong point a block as they repel a Daesh counter-attack with overwhelming fire superiority somewhere in Mosul.

Good on them. Improvisation is what wins wars, and it looks like these dudes are getting it right. It’s about the soldiers will to win, not the technology they wield in combat.


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