Hand Grenades & Privates: High Explosives Meet Butterfingers

first published on August 9, 2017 by

Hand grenade familiarization is naturally a dangerous day in the training schedule. When that training involves freshly inducted privates, that danger can have hazardously hilarious consequences.

Shaky privates, or whatever branch specific moniker for junior enlisted you’d prefer to use, are a fact of life in militaries around the world. The stresses of military training are well evolved, easily highlighting the deficiencies of would be soldiers. As the video below shows, they are capable of levels of stupidity and incompetence that are hard to envision….. I mean, is it really that hard to throw a hand grenade?


Thankfully, incompetent privates have been around since the dawn of time. Safety measures such as this well-conceived grenade pit have kept pace, giving the Gomer Pyles of the world just one more chance. Double down by having a locked-on NCO running the pit, and young Gomer may just live long enough to see how many push-ups a human being can do in a single day. Not only does this particular “lost in the sauce” private find himself unable to successfully throw the grenade out of the pit, but balks at the danger and lays flat on the ground. Forcing the diligent instructor to quickly pull the inept private into the sump, just a few short moments before it finally explodes. The private recovers quickly, shakes off this near deadly failure, and nonchalantly leaves the pit. While the unrattled instructor inspects the damage, and ensures there’s no lingering flames. Though the instructor keeps his cool, I wonder how many push-ups a dropped grenade commands?

Speaking of dumb privates, we’ve all been there. What’s the Dumbest thing you did as a private?


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