Helmet Cam: Special Forces Hammer Taliban Positions With Mortars

first published on January 25, 2017 by

A group of Special Forces soldiers and their Afghan Commando counter parts come into contact with the Taliban. They hammer them with mortars.

In 2013, members of a Special Forces team find themselves in contact with Taliban forces. As they begin directing the fires of their Afghan counter-parts, two members of the team bust out a mortar system and go to work, like a hammer versus a rusty nail.

They fire the mortar system in the handheld mode, enabling them to more efficiently put rounds on target. This is just a short clip of a longer video that was submitted. Stay tuned to Funker530 to see the rest of the firefight as we continue to edit the footage down to the meaty parts.

The rumored context of this video is that troops from US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) were operating with conventional soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division, as well as Afghan Special Operations Forces when they become engaged by Taliban forces. A longer version of the video shows a friendly casualty being treated with first aid.

Note: As this video was filmed in 2013, Op Sec is not an issue at this time.