Hamas Fires Hundreds of Rockets from Gaza into Israel, IDF Responds with Airstrikes

first published on May 6, 2019 by

Known terrorist organization Hamas has reportedly fired some 600 rockets from the Gaza strip into neighboring Israel, killing four civilians over the weekend. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have responded with airstrikes and artillery fire allegedly killing 27 as tensions again escalate.

Another round of strike and counter-strike has rocked Gaza and Israel as Hamas began firing hundreds of rockets across the border starting on Friday. Four Israeli civilians were killed in the barrage, which prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to order retaliatory air and artillery strikes against Hamas leadership and infrastructure. Officials in Gaza claim that 27 people including 14 civilians have been killed as a result. A Hamas commander was allegedly killed during the strikes.

Netanyahu has subsequently ordered reinforcements including “armor, artillery, and infantry” to the border. The incident follows a similar exchange that occurred in late March. However, the scale of the strikes from both sides in this round appear to be on a much larger scale.


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