Gunship Annihilates Taliban In Support Of US Marines

first published on November 14, 2015 by

US Marines in contact with the Taliban call in support from the air.

US Marines call in air support as they engage Taliban forces in Afghanistan. Judging by the extreme amount of ammunition being expended from the supporting aircraft, their were a lot of bad guys somewhere in that general direction. If they’re still over there, they ain’t happy.

There is a special kind of feeling you get as a grunt when the air support comes. It’s a mixed emotion made up in part by jealousy, awe, and excitement. The love between the grunt on the ground, and the pilot in the sky, is a relationship born in Korea that lasts to this day.

Korea Support Craft

As a grunt we often find ourselves jealous of the pilots. We’re jealous because we know after this mission, they’ll be sitting on some cupcake camp, eating ice-cream at a DFAC. We can’t hold this against them however, because we know if we could have been pilots, we would have. Afterall everyone wants to get inverted every now and then.

The awe and excitement however, is the emotion that mostly overtakes us as we hear that “whoomp, whoomp, whoomp” of rotor blades overhead. It’s this awe, and excitement that makes us love the pilot, even though we know he is only an hour or so away from a hot shower. You see, it’s pretty easy to be starstruck by these dudes and chicks as they hover above you. They bring a mobile support platform to the fight, and they always show up just in time to pull you out of the fire. Plus, who doesn’t love the sound of mini-guns and hell-fire rockets?

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