Gunny Motivates His Marines Before They Attack Marjah

first published on December 20, 2015 by

Gunnery Sergeant Wallgreen, from 1st Battalion 6th Marines, gives his Marines a motivational speech before they conduct a major attack on Marjah.

A Marine Gunnery Sergeant wasn’t satisfied with the speeches his Marines received before embarking on a major operation. So he took the school circle over, and gave these boys the speech they deserved. This is one way to get your guys pumped before they go attack a Taliban stronghold.

Note: This video contains some language that may be unsuitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

For those of you that are curious, here’s some actual insight to what the Gunny was talking about. Howard Metzenbaum did not say that Glenn had “never held a job.” With that in mind though, the statement Glenn made was in response to Metzenbaum saying he ”never had to meet a payroll.”

John Glenn Marjah

Here’s the full response from John Glenn:

”Howard, I can’t believe you said that. I served 23 years in the United States Marine Corps. I went through two wars. I flew 149 missions. My plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire on 12 different occasions.

I ask you to go with me as I went the other day to a veterans’ hospital, and look those men with their mangled bodies in the eye and tell them they didn’t hold a job. You go with me to any Gold Star mother and you look her in the eye and tell her that her son did not hold a job.

You go with me on Memorial Day coming up and you stand in Arlington National Cemetery, where I have more friends than I like to remember, and you watch those waving flags, and you stand there and you think about this nation and you tell me that those people didn’t have a job.

I tell you, Howard Metzenbaum, you should be on your knees every day of your life thanking God that there were some men – some men – who held a job.”

Gunny nailed it.