Raid Footage Shows Face to Face Gunfighting and Gang-like Tactics

first published on December 11, 2017 by

Raid footage recorded by the Free Syrian Army shows face to face gunfighting, and what appears to be gang style tactics, including drive-by shootings.

We’re going to say this right out of the gate on this one. The video you are about to watch contains scenes of graphic violence which is not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is strongly advised when viewing this content. Scenes include multiple face-to-face to exchanges of gun fire, several instances of people being hit by an armored vehicle, and multiple drive-by shootings.

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It is well known that certain groups within the Free Syrian Army are comprised of extremists and radicalized individuals off of the streets. These select people inside of the Free Syrian Army often find themselves on the battlefield with little or no training conducting combat operations against poorly trained and conscripted teenagers. The simple fact that nobody in the Syrian Civil War has any proper military training often results in combat footage that showcases less than professional soldiers attempting to conduct complex operations that are far beyond their skill-sets.

As a result, what we end up with is gang-like tactics being put on full display against retreating people dressed as Soldiers. Drive-by shootings, hip and blind-fired rifles, and ramming the enemy with vehicles are all low-skill tactics that are seen during these front-line operations against the Syrian Arab Army, and while they should be ineffective against a professional military, they work well in Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army is comprised of young conscripts who have even less experience and training in warfare than their enemy. The leadership structure of the SAA is built in a way that does not allow for small-unit leaders to make decisions on the battlefield, and often leaves positions waiting for an order to react to contact until it is too late for them to do anything except retreat across open ground. These retreats push the Syrian Arab Army’s Soldiers directly into the sight lines of their advancing enemy, and leave them with no other options than death.

Before you click play on the video below, know that it was recorded by an extremist faction of the Free Syrian Army as they conducted a raid against a fortified Syrian Arab Army position. The contents of the footage are graphic by nature, and are not suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.


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