Sniper Kills Entire Machine Gun Crew With Single Round

first published on November 16, 2017 by

A sniper manages to kill an entire machine gun crew with a single round. This is a two for one deal you don’t want to miss.

A medium machine gun crew somewhere in Syria is having issues with their weapon system. As they frantically try, and fail, to clear a stoppage that is beyond their ability they open themselves up to a deadly sniper attack. Presenting themselves as a soft-target was their first mistake. Doing it over and over again until they died was their last.

As they both lean in over the top of their crew served weapon system trying to figure out why it will no longer fire, a sniper takes aim. He takes a single shot, and it enters the skull of his original target, which appears to be the gunner of the machine gun. As if Allah himself decided he didn’t like these guys, the round then exits his skull, and perforates the head of his a-gunner. Both men instantly die.

Loading this machine gun and getting it operational again was their last mission, and they failed. They failed because they continued to pop-up an present themselves as a target with of opportunity with zero out-going suppression.

The major take away from this video is that machine gunners need to understand that they are one of the highest priority targets on the battlefield. As far as infantry targets go, removing a machine gun from the fight is an extremely high priority, especially for snipers. It may not have helped these guys, but moving around their position while they tried to repair their weapon system may have helped. It definitely would have made the sniper’s job a little bit more difficult, which in turn would have at least given one of them a second opportunity to get the crew served weapon back into the fight.


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