Guided Missile Strike On Jihadists And Gnarly Aftermath Footage

first published on March 3, 2017 by

New video from the fight in Afrin, Syria shows a guided missile strike against a technical truck as well as the close up aftermath footage.

The event took place in the vicinity of the Roja district in Afrin and shows Kurdish YPG forces using an anti tank guided missile (ATGM) to destroy a Turkish proxy force technical truck. The first video segment was uploaded by the YPG.

The next segment is aftermath footage of the strike filmed by the jihadist proxy forces employed by Turkey to fight against the Afrini Kurds in their Operation Olive Branch.

The gruesome video gives us an idea of what happens inside these vehicles when struck by anti tank missiles. Normally we just see the event from the distance. Often times passengers escape and the blast itself doesn’t seem all that impressive.

Yet, this video tells a different story. The vehicle appears to have been occupied by at least two passengers at the time of the strike. The corpse in the back seat appears to have taken multiple shards of deadly shrapnel.

The body in the front passenger seat is nearly unrecognizable as a human. The head of the fighter has been totally destroyed and removed. Consider this your warning that the following video contains graphic content.