Guided Missile Launches Motorcycle Burning Into The Air

first published on December 4, 2017 by

New footage from the 1st Coastal Division rebel group out of Syria’s mountainous Latakia governorate shows the insurgents engage a group of Syrian troops gathered around a parked motorcycle with a 9K111 Fagot missile.

The Russian-made anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) sends the motorcycle spiraling into the air with a surprisingly large ball of fire. The nearby troops are severely wounded or killed by the explosion and subsequent blaze.

The targeted attack seems to have happened just outside of a military base or outpost, because Syrian troops immediately respond to the blast with automatic small arms fire. However, the guided missile team is far outside of the effective range of the government troops’ weapons.


The video cuts to a following scene where Syrian soldiers rush to the aid of their wounded comrades. They can be seen using blankets and jackets in an attempt to extinguish the smoldering bodies. The fate of the wounded motorcycle crew doesn’t look promising.

The 1st Coastal Division was among the “vetted” rebel groups that received training and material support from the US, including BGM-71 TOW missiles. Since the official abandonment of Obama’s rebel arm and equip program, it’s likely this group is still receiving help from similar end sources, but in a less overt manner, which is why we are seeing a Russian-made ATGM and not an American-made TOW missile.