CCTV: 2 Guatemalans Severely Injured After Falling Off Border Wall

first published on January 15, 2019 by

US Customs and Border Protection released CCTV footage showing a pair of illegal Guatemalan border jumpers getting severely injured after falling from the top of the border wall near Yuma, Ariz. in December 2018.

severely injured

According to the source, six illegal aliens from Guatemala illegally jumped the border into the United States by scaling the border wall. A 14-year-old girl, who was traveling with her mother, fell and severely injured her back. Minutes later, an unaccompanied 17-year-old girl attempted to cross at the same spot and seriously injured her ankle after falling to the ground.

Within minutes Border Patrol agents arrived at the breach border area and apprehended the illegal aliens and began treatment on those injured. Both injured girls were taken to nearby hospitals, but it isn’t currently clear who is footing the medical bills.

“The only legal and safe method of entry into the United States is through a designated Port of Entry,” said Yuma Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Carl Landrum. “People entering our country illegally, at places other than designated Ports of Entry, put themselves and their families in dangerous situations that could result in significant injury or even death.”


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