Grenade Action: PKK Fighters Attack and Destroy a Turkish Outpost

first published on December 16, 2017 by

PKK fighters attack and destroy a Turkish outpost by getting up close and personal. Attacking an isolated and vulnerable bunker with hand grenades and killing several soldiers.

PKK fighters occupy concealed positions in rugged mountains surrounding a fortified Turkish garrison and its satellite OP’s. Under the cover of darkness, the Kurds begin shelling and engaging the well light position from multiple directions. Filmed from high up on the mountain, the Turkish position takes a pounding of mortars, RPG’s, and heavy machine guns.

With the larger outpost distracted by its own bombardment, the video switches to a GoPro from a Kurdish fighter maneuvering on what appears to be a satellite Entry Control Point (ECP) of the main Turkish position. Moving through the early morning darkness, the Kurds continue to suppress with small arms while they advance on the enemy bunkers.

The cameraman eventually maneuvers through the dimly light chaos and gets himself into grenade range just below the Hesco emplacement. With the morning light just starting to illuminate the situation, he quickly throws several grenades into the bunker in quick succession. After the third grenade detonates with a brain rattling concussion, he then begins sweeping along and eventually around the far side of the bunker.

This exposes several dead Turkish soldiers on the far side of the bunker. Two of them dead in the bunkers entry, likely trying to escape. Several more bodies are observable inside the bunker, as the Kurds quickly sweep the area for enemies and weapons to scrounge. The video concludes by jumping back to the hillside cameraman and his panoramic view of the burning Turkish positions throughout the valley.